36/54: Sheep Directive – So Fab, So Sheep!

Barbie’s always wearing fashionable clothes.  She wouldn’t be dropped dead with a hideous outfit.  I’m going to assume all her clothing is mainly made out of cotton.  I’ve never seen her wear anything wool-related now that I think about it.  I researched the many different wool clothes made specifically for Barbie:


Wool facts:

  • You should always give wool 24 hours between each wearings and you should always brush it before/after wearing.
  • You should always clean your wool products before packing them away for storage.
  • Wool is comparatively stronger than steel.
  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and is fire resistant.

Hmm who would have known! Barbz, you’re better off wearing wool if you don’t wanna get caught on fire!


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