38/54: The Id Directive – Barbie Dreamworld

This directive was probably the most challenging for me by far.  Unlike superego, which is based on the conscience, ID is based on the unconscious, a part of personality that we were born with.; it’s our primal instinct.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.  Actually, I’ve been known to hibernate (not literally) for long periods of time.  Ever since I was a child, I loved taking naps and sleeping overall.  I wish I could just escape into my own little dream world.  Barbie seems to have her whole life figured out due to her successes.  I wonder if she ever gets tired or stressed by the things going on around her.  Wouldn’t it be great if she could teleport into her own dream world where no one can bother her? A place where she can escape all the bullsh*t.

I remember reading The Little Prince for my English class in high school.  The little prince lived in his own little planet called Asteroid 325.  Thinking about this book, I was a bit inspired to create a dream world for Barbie.  The Little Prince cherished a little flower that grew on his planet.  In the picture I edited as Barbie’s dream world, it shows Barbie sitting under the tree.  The tree in Barbie’s dream world may symbolize the flower. The flower can be compared to a motherly figure, and both The Little Prince and Barbie may cherish these inanimate objects.

The flower can be represented as The Id because as it represents a motherly figure, someone who nags their children to do chores, bossing them around, but at the same time watches their backs.  It’s an instinct for a mother to care for their young.  It may be weird to picture a flower taking care of a little boy and a tree taking care of Barbie.


Barbie Dreamworld


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