39/54: The Id Directive – Who’s Side Are You On?

Barbie Angel and Devil
(Photo made by me)

Have you ever seen a plate of cookies that said, “DO NOT EAT!” but eaten a cookie or two afterwards?  I know I have. I probably even ate the whole plate to be honest.  You know in movies when they show an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? The devil represents the Id; giving into your guilty pleasures and impulses.  Things you do on instinct and unconsciously.  The angel on the other hand is the Superego; reevaluating the choices you make before you make a final decision.  Basically it’s what your conscious helping you weigh the good and the bad.

When I read the definition for id, ego, and superego I thought of the story of Adam and Eve.  If Ken and Barbie were told by God not to eat a forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree, while a snake tells them to neglect God, they would have two choices:

  • Listen to God and stay away from the tree. Outcome: They won’t commit a sin, but instead save future mankind. Also, God wouldn’t be pissed.
  • Listen to the snake and eat the fruit  Outcome: Congrats,  you’re going to Hell! Also, God would be pissed, and you would make the snake a very happy…snake.

Basically Adam and Eve/Ken and Barbie would have to weigh out their options with the little angel and devil on their shoulders.  They would have to think of the consequences if they do decide to eat the fruit.  Is it worth the suffering at the end?

In the beginning, I mentioned that I ate a plate full of cookies that weren’t supposed to be consumed.  My mind was telling me no, but my tummy growled and said yes.  Since I listened to the little devil on my shoulder, my consequences were:

  • Tummy ache
  • Gain weight (I’m assuming)
  • Mom yelling at me
  • Make a new batch for her
  • Possibility of diarrhea 

Moral lesson: Think before you do.  Don’t give in to the dark side, even if there’s cookies.


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