45/54: Success Directive – It Was Written

If you didn’t know, I’m quite the Nas fan.  The struggle this man has gone through to make it to the top has paid off.  I would consider him one of the greatest rappers alive.  Here’s a little biography I wrote about him:

Growing up in the Queensbridge housing projects, Nas was surrounded by drug dealing, gun violence, poverty, and death from a young age. But, that didn’t stop him from finding other things to entertain his mind. Nas was influenced by alot of the music he heard around his household, though his parents divorced at a young age, it didn’t stop him from learning about music. His father, Olu Dara, was a jazz and blues musician and his interest in hip-hop arose from his best friend named Ill Will. Before Ill Will could see Nas’s success, he was gunned down in front of Nas. The pain of losing his best friend can be heard through his lyricism on his debut album, “Illmatic.” He was 20 years old when it was released. Though his sales were low, it was hailed one of the greatest Rap albums of all time, and in 1996 it was certified Gold. Nas came from the evil world of crime to being a legend.

I was in a very poetic mood.  I was listening to a lot of Nas before this if you couldn’t tell. Specifically this one song by him called “Nas is Like…”

Here is my version of “Nas is Like..” but in Barbie’s perspective.  It might sound like Nicki Minaj rapping, but with less repetitive words.

Barbie is Like..
Freedom of this doll house/ pretty in pink/ Ken’s hungry/ I’m not cooking in my mink/ As far as rap goes/ it’s unnatural/ I’m a Barbie girl in a barbie world/ What are my woes?/ I could talk about my nice car/nice shoes/ nice boots/ Rhyming skills never knew I had/ I think I’m up to par./I never push that white powder/ don’t puff that green/ My bars are getting sour/ I think I’m sounding mean/ Lean with ginseng in the cup/ Oh goodness what am I saying/ Someone please shut me up!/ If the beat still going/I’m a keep rhyming/ Oh gosh, I’m late my nail appointment/ Me rapping this song is horrible timing/ Is this a split personality/ am I split between me, myself, and reality?/ But, I’m Queen B on the block/ while your packing groceries/ I’m loading glocks/ I’m stillmatic/ But, I’m going to panic!/ Can’t get frantic/ It’s only right I relax on this hammock/ No! I cant rest/ Well I won’t pause/ Plus this hammock is filthy and nasty/ Nasty like Nas.


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