46/54: Success Directive – Acapella Formation

Aba had this dream that she coordinated everyone in class to sing the acapella version of Ego by Beyonce.  It could have fit into our Ego directive and made it more obvious, but not everyone knew the song Ego.  I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve never even heard of it until she mentioned it.  I suggested we do a song more people knew about and could sing along to.  I figured we would have to divide the class into 3 sections to make a different sounding tune, and moments later I started humming Ginuwine’s song Pony.

It was perfect since the whole song was a repeat of three different chords.  We would have the class from the left, middle, right, right, middle, left and repeat hum the tune.  It worked out perfectly (coordinating which side would sing what) when we recorded it on my computer, but sadly I wasn’t able to save it because Audacity crashed on me afterwards.  After an hour of thinking, recording, singing, and finalizing, we figured we were ready.  We were gonna have different sections of the class hum each chord while Aba and I sang the first verse and chorus.  We thought that everything would go smoothly the next day.  Did it?
On November 29, 2012, we presented our idea to the class during Show&Tell.  It took us a while to explain everything to the class because if anything, I think we confused them even more; especially since we didn’t tell them what song we were singing.  We wanted it to be a surprise, but we ended up telling them to avoid further confusion.  A lot of people knew how the song went, but there were a few that didn’t. The first few times it was difficult coordinating the class to stay on the same tune, but once I repeated the tune for them and had a practice run with Aba, it got easier.  Once we had the class finally hum the tune, we sang and everything went better than I expected (until the end LOL).  I feel like people started speeding up once we reached the chorus, and you could see the uncertainty in my face.  Overall, I’m glad we had the class cooperate with us and finish the song until the end.  Well just the first verse and chorus.  To others it may have looked like a fail but in my opinion, what I thought would go terribly wrong in the beginning actually turned out okay in the end.  Therefore it was a success! I hope everyone had fun with that interactive Show&Tell and didn’t cause too many headaches.

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