48/54: Reflect Directive – Body in a Box

Not literally a body in a box, but metaphorically speaking, memories in a box.  Barbie has had a lot of memories this semester, but the end is near.  I made a DIY box for Barbie to help cherish her memories as well as belongings.  I had a box like hers as well.  I kept all my used-to-be boyfriend’s photos and notes in there.  After we broke up I had my friends burn/tear everything up.  So here’s to looking back, but not dwelling on the past.  That goes for you people in Curiousness! Don’t dwell too much on your grades.  If you’re happy with your grade, good job. If not, better yourself in the future.

DSC_7766 DSC_7767 DSC_7768 DSC_7772

I was going to put some of her clothes in there but then I realized that was the only outfit she had LOL.

I’ll end it with City and Colour’s Body in a Box only because it’s relevant to the title, and everything should hear this song at least once in their life.


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