42/54: Success Directive – Breed to Succeed

When I think of success, I think of my parents.  Both my mother and father play different roles in the household.  My mom isn’t a stay-in-home mom, but she works for her money just like my dad.  They both try their best to provide for our family, and they’ve made huge sacrifices for us and each other.  They’re type of parents that would make time for their kids even though they have a full work schedule.  I’m not gonna lie, but I was a bit of a spoiled child.  I was never really aware of the sacrifices my parents had to make in order to make me and my siblings happy.  I’m definitely more appreciative now and always will be.

I’m sure Barbie and Ken would make great parents.  I’m not sure if they’re actually married, but I’m going to assume they are for the sake of this post.  Here are pics and a link for proof:

barbiemarriage1 barbiemarriage2

Digging through my portable hard drive, I dug up this photo of my parents and their wedding.

Mom and Dad Marriage

My parents are an inspiration.  As corny as it sounds, finding someone you love and marrying them can be one of the greatest successes in life.

In the meantime:


41/54: The Id Directive – Bad B*tch Barbie

Usually when I think of the Id directive, I think of a bad ass; someone who breaks the rules with no remorse.  I got an idea of writing a short story about Barbie being a cold-hearted doll who isn’t about smiles and giggles.

There was always a part of me that felt fake. Through all the smiles and postive attitude, deep down I just wanted to let it all go. I wanted to be free. My whole persona felt like shackles to my soul. I felt like I was chained to a wall in solitary confinement. Then, I snapped. During a cookout, neighbors and friends came over, it was a good time. Then someone mentioned what I was doing in my free time, Ken just said I was a housewife. I know he meant no harm, but that word…it was a curse. So I snapped, I picked a fight with one of the other wives, I didn’t like her to begin with any ways. She kept wondering why I wanted to fight, but I grabbed her hair and gave her the hardest uppercut I’ve ever given anyone. She fell back with blood flowing from her nose. Her husband said, “What the hell is wrong with you?!” I said, “You want some too?” I turned to Ken and said, “Honey, I’m not a housewife…not anymore.” Left the house, took the convertible and drove far from there. Now, I’m in the middle of a crappy city with a pack of cigarettes in my pocket even though I don’t smoke. Unbeknownst to me, the woman I hit back at the cookout, was an FBI agent. Now, there’s a whole bunch of cops everywhere looking for me. After buying my cigarettes, I saw cops searching my car, so I just walked the other way. I’m a bit on edge, but I’m not scared. Have to keep moving. I feel bad for leaving Ken, but I can’t live that life anymore. I do regret punching that FBI lady, but she was a bit a of a bitch so she had it coming. At least now, I feel free.

40/54: The Id Directive – Read Between the Lines

I drew a picture of Barbie’s whole face which is made up of words and phrases that will convince you to do certain things without thinking about the consequences.  Phrases such as:

  • Eat cake
  • Don’t go to work
  • Buy the cute dress

This took me about an hour and some minutes because I kept messing up. Click on the photo to get a better look!


39/54: The Id Directive – Who’s Side Are You On?

Barbie Angel and Devil
(Photo made by me)

Have you ever seen a plate of cookies that said, “DO NOT EAT!” but eaten a cookie or two afterwards?  I know I have. I probably even ate the whole plate to be honest.  You know in movies when they show an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? The devil represents the Id; giving into your guilty pleasures and impulses.  Things you do on instinct and unconsciously.  The angel on the other hand is the Superego; reevaluating the choices you make before you make a final decision.  Basically it’s what your conscious helping you weigh the good and the bad.

When I read the definition for id, ego, and superego I thought of the story of Adam and Eve.  If Ken and Barbie were told by God not to eat a forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree, while a snake tells them to neglect God, they would have two choices:

  • Listen to God and stay away from the tree. Outcome: They won’t commit a sin, but instead save future mankind. Also, God wouldn’t be pissed.
  • Listen to the snake and eat the fruit  Outcome: Congrats,  you’re going to Hell! Also, God would be pissed, and you would make the snake a very happy…snake.

Basically Adam and Eve/Ken and Barbie would have to weigh out their options with the little angel and devil on their shoulders.  They would have to think of the consequences if they do decide to eat the fruit.  Is it worth the suffering at the end?

In the beginning, I mentioned that I ate a plate full of cookies that weren’t supposed to be consumed.  My mind was telling me no, but my tummy growled and said yes.  Since I listened to the little devil on my shoulder, my consequences were:

  • Tummy ache
  • Gain weight (I’m assuming)
  • Mom yelling at me
  • Make a new batch for her
  • Possibility of diarrhea 

Moral lesson: Think before you do.  Don’t give in to the dark side, even if there’s cookies.

38/54: The Id Directive – Barbie Dreamworld

This directive was probably the most challenging for me by far.  Unlike superego, which is based on the conscience, ID is based on the unconscious, a part of personality that we were born with.; it’s our primal instinct.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.  Actually, I’ve been known to hibernate (not literally) for long periods of time.  Ever since I was a child, I loved taking naps and sleeping overall.  I wish I could just escape into my own little dream world.  Barbie seems to have her whole life figured out due to her successes.  I wonder if she ever gets tired or stressed by the things going on around her.  Wouldn’t it be great if she could teleport into her own dream world where no one can bother her? A place where she can escape all the bullsh*t.

I remember reading The Little Prince for my English class in high school.  The little prince lived in his own little planet called Asteroid 325.  Thinking about this book, I was a bit inspired to create a dream world for Barbie.  The Little Prince cherished a little flower that grew on his planet.  In the picture I edited as Barbie’s dream world, it shows Barbie sitting under the tree.  The tree in Barbie’s dream world may symbolize the flower. The flower can be compared to a motherly figure, and both The Little Prince and Barbie may cherish these inanimate objects.

The flower can be represented as The Id because as it represents a motherly figure, someone who nags their children to do chores, bossing them around, but at the same time watches their backs.  It’s an instinct for a mother to care for their young.  It may be weird to picture a flower taking care of a little boy and a tree taking care of Barbie.


Barbie Dreamworld

37/54: Sheep Directive – Barbie Lullaby

Final entry for this directive.  I got this idea from “counting sheep.”  Usually if a child can’t sleep, their parents would tell them to count sheep, read them a bed time story, OR sing them a lullaby.  Here goes my attempt above for a lullaby.  Writing, playing, and recording took a little over an hour.

Please Go to Sleep Lyrics:

Hey there Barbie, rest a while.
I see your face, and it makes me smile.
So (Now) please go to sleep.

Verse 1:
It’s 4 a.m., and you’re still awake.
You work in the morning, and you may be late.
Should have slept 7 hours ago.
But decided to watch all your shows. (Got me singin’)

Verse 2:
I asked you once, and I asked you twice.
“Just one more minute!” and I was like ‘Jesus Christ..”
I wait, I wait, and your ass is still up.
Now your sleeping pattern’s more than corrupt. (Got me singin’)

36/54: Sheep Directive – So Fab, So Sheep!

Barbie’s always wearing fashionable clothes.  She wouldn’t be dropped dead with a hideous outfit.  I’m going to assume all her clothing is mainly made out of cotton.  I’ve never seen her wear anything wool-related now that I think about it.  I researched the many different wool clothes made specifically for Barbie:


Wool facts:

  • You should always give wool 24 hours between each wearings and you should always brush it before/after wearing.
  • You should always clean your wool products before packing them away for storage.
  • Wool is comparatively stronger than steel.
  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and is fire resistant.

Hmm who would have known! Barbz, you’re better off wearing wool if you don’t wanna get caught on fire!