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49/54: Reflect Directive – Sealed With a Rose

One of my best friends who I haven’t seen in 3 years gave me flowers for my birthday.  I was ecstatic because I’ve never really received legit flowers before. They were gorgeous!


Barbie got a bit jealous that she didn’t get flowers, also a bit picky with the  color. So I made her this:

Close enough right?

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was reflecting back in the past.  The beginning of this semester I didn’t know what to expect from these blogs.  All I knew was that they were VERY time consuming.  One stupid thing I did was forget to do was put 10+ of my posts out of private, so Will and Scott couldn’t see my other posts for weeks.  I suppose my stupidity will affect my grade sadly even though I had everything posted on time.  I did procrastinate on some days and ended up having to play catch up a couple of times, but I still was able to pick my feet back up other than the fact that my posts were on private!

Anyway, when people procrastinate they usually do everything all at once.  Procrastinating not only hurts your grade, but it also may affect your health.  Take the roses my friend gave me.  I left for Thanksgiving Break and forgot to water them.  I come back a week later and they’re semi-dead, which made me sad.  Sometimes when you do things all at once or forget to do them on time (like water the plants), it may be too late (because they’ll die).  Sometimes life doesn’t give you second chances.


As I look back, I want to dedicate the pink roses above to Barbie.  Like the rose, this class is coming to an end.  At least we have pictures and our blogs to revisit the moment.


48/54: Reflect Directive – Body in a Box

Not literally a body in a box, but metaphorically speaking, memories in a box.  Barbie has had a lot of memories this semester, but the end is near.  I made a DIY box for Barbie to help cherish her memories as well as belongings.  I had a box like hers as well.  I kept all my used-to-be boyfriend’s photos and notes in there.  After we broke up I had my friends burn/tear everything up.  So here’s to looking back, but not dwelling on the past.  That goes for you people in Curiousness! Don’t dwell too much on your grades.  If you’re happy with your grade, good job. If not, better yourself in the future.

DSC_7766 DSC_7767 DSC_7768 DSC_7772

I was going to put some of her clothes in there but then I realized that was the only outfit she had LOL.

I’ll end it with City and Colour’s Body in a Box only because it’s relevant to the title, and everything should hear this song at least once in their life.

47/54: Reflect Directive – Oldies but Goodies

I miss the old days.  I remember playing with my Barbies only for a short amount of time until I went through my tomboy phase.  I had to dig up this bottom photo which took forever to find.  I love looking at old baby photos, if only I could turn back time to look this cute again.



I never liked barbies after that.  Then I grew up, sadly.




Soon I will turn into this:



Just not in Barbie form.

46/54: Success Directive – Acapella Formation

Aba had this dream that she coordinated everyone in class to sing the acapella version of Ego by Beyonce.  It could have fit into our Ego directive and made it more obvious, but not everyone knew the song Ego.  I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve never even heard of it until she mentioned it.  I suggested we do a song more people knew about and could sing along to.  I figured we would have to divide the class into 3 sections to make a different sounding tune, and moments later I started humming Ginuwine’s song Pony.

It was perfect since the whole song was a repeat of three different chords.  We would have the class from the left, middle, right, right, middle, left and repeat hum the tune.  It worked out perfectly (coordinating which side would sing what) when we recorded it on my computer, but sadly I wasn’t able to save it because Audacity crashed on me afterwards.  After an hour of thinking, recording, singing, and finalizing, we figured we were ready.  We were gonna have different sections of the class hum each chord while Aba and I sang the first verse and chorus.  We thought that everything would go smoothly the next day.  Did it?
On November 29, 2012, we presented our idea to the class during Show&Tell.  It took us a while to explain everything to the class because if anything, I think we confused them even more; especially since we didn’t tell them what song we were singing.  We wanted it to be a surprise, but we ended up telling them to avoid further confusion.  A lot of people knew how the song went, but there were a few that didn’t. The first few times it was difficult coordinating the class to stay on the same tune, but once I repeated the tune for them and had a practice run with Aba, it got easier.  Once we had the class finally hum the tune, we sang and everything went better than I expected (until the end LOL).  I feel like people started speeding up once we reached the chorus, and you could see the uncertainty in my face.  Overall, I’m glad we had the class cooperate with us and finish the song until the end.  Well just the first verse and chorus.  To others it may have looked like a fail but in my opinion, what I thought would go terribly wrong in the beginning actually turned out okay in the end.  Therefore it was a success! I hope everyone had fun with that interactive Show&Tell and didn’t cause too many headaches.

45/54: Success Directive – It Was Written

If you didn’t know, I’m quite the Nas fan.  The struggle this man has gone through to make it to the top has paid off.  I would consider him one of the greatest rappers alive.  Here’s a little biography I wrote about him:

Growing up in the Queensbridge housing projects, Nas was surrounded by drug dealing, gun violence, poverty, and death from a young age. But, that didn’t stop him from finding other things to entertain his mind. Nas was influenced by alot of the music he heard around his household, though his parents divorced at a young age, it didn’t stop him from learning about music. His father, Olu Dara, was a jazz and blues musician and his interest in hip-hop arose from his best friend named Ill Will. Before Ill Will could see Nas’s success, he was gunned down in front of Nas. The pain of losing his best friend can be heard through his lyricism on his debut album, “Illmatic.” He was 20 years old when it was released. Though his sales were low, it was hailed one of the greatest Rap albums of all time, and in 1996 it was certified Gold. Nas came from the evil world of crime to being a legend.

I was in a very poetic mood.  I was listening to a lot of Nas before this if you couldn’t tell. Specifically this one song by him called “Nas is Like…”

Here is my version of “Nas is Like..” but in Barbie’s perspective.  It might sound like Nicki Minaj rapping, but with less repetitive words.

Barbie is Like..
Freedom of this doll house/ pretty in pink/ Ken’s hungry/ I’m not cooking in my mink/ As far as rap goes/ it’s unnatural/ I’m a Barbie girl in a barbie world/ What are my woes?/ I could talk about my nice car/nice shoes/ nice boots/ Rhyming skills never knew I had/ I think I’m up to par./I never push that white powder/ don’t puff that green/ My bars are getting sour/ I think I’m sounding mean/ Lean with ginseng in the cup/ Oh goodness what am I saying/ Someone please shut me up!/ If the beat still going/I’m a keep rhyming/ Oh gosh, I’m late my nail appointment/ Me rapping this song is horrible timing/ Is this a split personality/ am I split between me, myself, and reality?/ But, I’m Queen B on the block/ while your packing groceries/ I’m loading glocks/ I’m stillmatic/ But, I’m going to panic!/ Can’t get frantic/ It’s only right I relax on this hammock/ No! I cant rest/ Well I won’t pause/ Plus this hammock is filthy and nasty/ Nasty like Nas.

42/54: Success Directive – Breed to Succeed

When I think of success, I think of my parents.  Both my mother and father play different roles in the household.  My mom isn’t a stay-in-home mom, but she works for her money just like my dad.  They both try their best to provide for our family, and they’ve made huge sacrifices for us and each other.  They’re type of parents that would make time for their kids even though they have a full work schedule.  I’m not gonna lie, but I was a bit of a spoiled child.  I was never really aware of the sacrifices my parents had to make in order to make me and my siblings happy.  I’m definitely more appreciative now and always will be.

I’m sure Barbie and Ken would make great parents.  I’m not sure if they’re actually married, but I’m going to assume they are for the sake of this post.  Here are pics and a link for proof:

barbiemarriage1 barbiemarriage2

Digging through my portable hard drive, I dug up this photo of my parents and their wedding.

Mom and Dad Marriage

My parents are an inspiration.  As corny as it sounds, finding someone you love and marrying them can be one of the greatest successes in life.

In the meantime:

39/54: The Id Directive – Who’s Side Are You On?

Barbie Angel and Devil
(Photo made by me)

Have you ever seen a plate of cookies that said, “DO NOT EAT!” but eaten a cookie or two afterwards?  I know I have. I probably even ate the whole plate to be honest.  You know in movies when they show an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other? The devil represents the Id; giving into your guilty pleasures and impulses.  Things you do on instinct and unconsciously.  The angel on the other hand is the Superego; reevaluating the choices you make before you make a final decision.  Basically it’s what your conscious helping you weigh the good and the bad.

When I read the definition for id, ego, and superego I thought of the story of Adam and Eve.  If Ken and Barbie were told by God not to eat a forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree, while a snake tells them to neglect God, they would have two choices:

  • Listen to God and stay away from the tree. Outcome: They won’t commit a sin, but instead save future mankind. Also, God wouldn’t be pissed.
  • Listen to the snake and eat the fruit  Outcome: Congrats,  you’re going to Hell! Also, God would be pissed, and you would make the snake a very happy…snake.

Basically Adam and Eve/Ken and Barbie would have to weigh out their options with the little angel and devil on their shoulders.  They would have to think of the consequences if they do decide to eat the fruit.  Is it worth the suffering at the end?

In the beginning, I mentioned that I ate a plate full of cookies that weren’t supposed to be consumed.  My mind was telling me no, but my tummy growled and said yes.  Since I listened to the little devil on my shoulder, my consequences were:

  • Tummy ache
  • Gain weight (I’m assuming)
  • Mom yelling at me
  • Make a new batch for her
  • Possibility of diarrhea 

Moral lesson: Think before you do.  Don’t give in to the dark side, even if there’s cookies.